Print from your Laptop

You can easily connect to our printing system from your laptop and use any of the payment options normally available when printing from Library computers. Click on the link below to start the auto-installer. During the installation, two different print drivers will be installed. One will be for black and white printing and one for color printing. After the auto-installer completes, the Print Client will open on your machine. Select either the black and white or color printer, then you will be prompted to enter a guest ID (which you can create yourself and has no relationship to your library account). You will be able to pay for your print job and have the copies released at the circulation desk. When you are finished, the application will disappear.

To run the Print Client for a Windows environment, click the link here.

To run the Print Client on a Mac environment (Intel-only), click the link here.

Note: To close the Mac Print Client, select "Quit LPT One Mobile Print Client" from the LPT One Mobile Print Client menu.

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