Lake Travis Community Library
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Invest in Lifelong Learning

Contributing Donors

Rare Edition
($100,000 +)

Haythem Dawlett

Friends of Lake Travis Community Library

Lakeway Civic Corporation

First Edition
($50,000 - $99,999)

In Memory of Connie L. Weaks

Jon and Joyce Champeny

Rotary Club of Lakeway/Lake Travis


($25,000 - $49,999)


Frank and Carol Black

CLM Park FDN Walter and Lois Brager

Raymond and Margaret Kilgo

Beverly McMillen


($10,000 - $24,999)


In Memory of Katherine K. Cristiani

H-E-B Tournament of Champions

Ladies of Charity Lake Travis Thrift Shop

Lake Travis Lions Club
Tom and Sharon Rogers

Don and Diane Taylor

Bill and Pam Walker



($5,000 - $9,999)


Alan and Ginger Gober

Thomas and Anne Hilbert

P.K. Chatterjee and Helen M. Kott

Jorge and Helena Villalba


Best Seller
($1,000 - $4,999)


James and Pat Alexander


Jim and Martha Ballard

Joe and Brenda Barker

John and Doris Besperka

Gene and Carol Bosse

Frank and Joyce Botta

Timothy Cardinal

Gerold and Iris Chan

Nancy Clayton

In Honor of Chloe Curry

Armenag and Nada Dekmezian

Dan and Dawana Downey

Max and Vera Engert

Mary Jo Finch

Halsey and Betsy Frost

Mary Ann Noll Funk

In Memory of Matthew Bell Gordy and Betty Jolly Gordy

Mikus Janis Grinbergs

David L. and Gracie N. Hatten

Bill and Diane Hautt

Earl and Symantha Higgins

Amy and Bill Holland

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Jeanne Hutto

Bob and Joyce Johntz

Jim and Angela Lennon

Robert and Valerie Liebl

Jacqueline K. Lloyd

W.G. and Maryanne Marquis

Patty McFarland

Dan and Tere McKenna

Michael and Margret Miller

Bob and Ann Neighbors

In Honor of Angelina Ninnemann

Jeffrey and Liana Palermo

Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Steve and Sandy Price

Jay and Kay Rester

Mike and Neta Smolensky

Bonnie Thompson

Thrash Law Firm

Betty Marie Welch

 Page Turner
($250 - $999) 

A Better Way to Fly

American Bank of Texas

Americas Huey 091 Foundation

Jimmy and Joann Anderson

Raymond and Barbara Arvay

Julianne Autry

Glenn Ballard

Beverly Banfield

Sam and Carol Barclay

Carleton and Lucinda Bates

Stacey Becker

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Black

In Honor of Mr. Robert Black and Dr. Laura Kelly

In Honor of Brenda Black

David and Joan Boikess

Gordon and Susan Bowers

Gilbert H. Boyd

A.S. and M.F. Brinkley

Dennis and Lana Brown

Buzz and Joan Buzzard

Bobbie Caldarelli

Paul and Rebecca Carroll

Paul and Shirley Cornett

Carol Crowe

Kevin and Diane Daley

DeAnn's Photography Studio

Gordon and Mary Ann Deen

David and Linda Deome

Diana M. Lott Photography

Ron and Felicia Dodd

Patricia Doucet

Patricia L. and Charles A. Edwards

Sammy and Jean Edwards

Johnnie and Dorothy Fields

Flintrock Falls Course

Martin and Karen Frey

Furniture Brokers of Lakeway

David and Susan Hague

Hampton Inn and Suites Lakeway

Lisa Hastings

Harold and Carol Hirsch

Robert and Joy Hrobak

Leonard and Karne Huber

Michael and Patricia Hydanus

Diane Jackson

Mary Jane HornerJamieson

Conrad and Sharon January

Milind and Parizad Karnik

Alan and Kehr

Ben and Sylvia Kuenemann

Lake Travis View

Lakecliff Country Club

Lakeway Commons

Lakeway Garden Club

Lakeway Resort and Spa

Dean and Kristi Leipsner

Doug and Kathy Lindgren

L. Lollar

William Majkut

Ronald and Marlene Massa

Linda McDavitt

Robert and Margaret McDermott

Angela McDonnell

Rick and Kimberly McGee

Pat and Jonila McGinley

Jon and Jody McMahon

Robert and Anna Meade

James and Jean Murff

Gretchen B. Nearburg

James and Sandra Nees

Fred Newton

Jerry L. and Jo Ann Paulette

Ray and Nancy Pencsak

Timothy and Carla Phillips

Kathryn Rapoport

Johelen Roelofs

Carlton and Kierstan Schwab

Kay Sconci

Mark and Norma Smith

Bill and Julie Strong

Steve and Linda Swan

David and Vickie Taylor

The Espy Corporation

Benton and Diane Thompson

Verde's Mexican Parrilla

Gwendelyn Volpe

Linda Wells

Wells Fargo

Richard and Suzanne Wilsey


(up to $249)


Allure Salon

Jeffrey C. and Susan H. Alt

David and Sue Ann Anderson

Angel's Icehouse

Tom and Janice Armstrong

Art Attack

Gerald and Joan Astorino

Austin Skiers and Boarders

Austin Uptown Dance

"B" Literates Book Club

Joe and Nancy Bain

Marjorie Barnes

Ray and Sue Bartosh

Bryan Beard

Mrs. L. Franklin Beard

Robert and Kay Beasley

Bella Sera

Ben Archer Insurance Agency

David E. Benson

Robert and Joyce Berry

Quentin Black

In Honor of Dickie and Janet Cabler

In Honor of Jim and Sharon Cosby

Blanton Museum of Art

Bodywise Gym

Robert and Deborah Bowman

Kathryn Brader

Donald Bradley

Brake Specialists Plus

Pat Hime and Marlene Brandt

Bubba and Diane Breazeale

Patsy Brister

Bert E. and Cheryl L. Brown

Philip and Annette Brown

Melvin and Jeannie Buderer

Mary D. Burks

Busters BBQ

Mel and Lisa Butler

Russell and Eva Byington

Roger and Shirley Camp

Matt and Debra Campbell

Cappello Family

Lewis and Simone Carlson

Chick-fil-A of Bee Cave/Lakeway

Janice Childress

Chili's Grill and Bar

Robert and Barbara Clark

W. W. Clark

James and Earnestine Clay

Jacqueline "Dee Dee" Clayton

Jamie Clayton

Mary Lynn Cohagan

Steve and Anita Cokins

Computer Experts, LLC

W. R. and Mary Conley

George and Mary Conwill

Core and More Pilates

Ronald and Patricia Ann Cowles

Teresa Crable

Cutco-Patton Sides

Ace and Monica Jorden Daniel

Mary Louise Davis

Daybreak Boat Rentals and Golf Park

Kenneth and Julianne Debower

Ramzi Deeb

Michael and Stephanie Dismore

In Honor of Emma Zim

Laura Madla Dobbs

Judy Donohue

Paul Drews

In Memory of Jayne Hicks

Dulce Vida Spirits

Samuel and Catherine Duncan

Eaddy Dentistry, PA

Mike and Michol Ecklund

Laurence and Jacqueline Elliott

William Mason and Patricia Evans

Eyecare Essentials

Faraday's Kitchen Store

Forever Organized

Presley and Loretta Foster

Stephen and Maria Foust

Ann Freeman

Robert and Jane Froeschele

Robert and Peggy Geiler

Ann Deblieux Geisler

Laurie Del Genio

Debyani Ghosh

Sue Gilman

Gold's Gym

Randal and Joyee Goodall

James and Dianne Haeg

Daniel I. and Diana V. Hall

Jerome and Barbara Helmueller

Ronnie and Carolyn Henry

John and Margaret Herman

Barbara Hinds

Peter Hitt

Brian Hohner

Jo Nell Hopper

Hoppin House

Robert and Carol Hostinak

James Houghton

Helena Huddleston

Iguana Grill

Mark and Amanda Jackson

Mike and Diane Jackson

M.J. Collier and Rebecca Jacobs

Nancy Jo Parker Johnson

In Honor of Mr. Robert B. Johntz

Kay's Hallmark Barton Creek Mall

Barker and Kaylyn Keith

Dyanne Kerr

Kevin and Ann Kilbane

In Memory of Jack M. Kincke

In Memory of Lisa Kirk

Marsha Kish

Rick and Jeanne Klein

Robert and Karen Knaus

Donald and Cynthia Kotrady

Daniel and Martha Kubala

Lake Travis Animal Hospital

Lake Travis Wellness Center

Lake Travis Wine Trader

Lake Travis Winery

Lakeway Aquatic Therapy

Lakeway Dermatology

Lakeway Jazzercise

Lakeway Orthodontics

Lakeway Spine

Lakeway Veterinary Clinic

John and Jaynee Lancaster

Ginny Lappin

Melissa Leger

Sondra A. LeGrand

Mike and Kitty Lichty

Elizabeth Lowell

LTCL Friends Book Club

John and Beth Maher


Ronald and Betty Mann

Anita Mapes

Mike Maroney

Marsha Kelliher/Roberts Communication

Maudie's Tex-Mex

Robert and Mary Louise McCarty

Jennifer McGahan

Morgan McMillian

Roger and Martha McMillian

Mesa Rosa

Nancy Miller

Mimi's Café

Suzanne Morrison

Carolyn Morse

James and Karen Morter

John and Janet Moss

Maureen Mulrooney

Skylar Nava

Newflower Market

JoAnn Nunez

Brooks and Dona O'Kelley

Phyllis R. Oliver

Melinda Osburn

James and Gretchen Pachlhofer

George and Joyce Parsons

Robert and Joy Pashby

Beth Pav

Tiffani Paynter

William and Frances Pearce

P.A. and Betty Penley

In Honor of the S4 Book Group

Bob and Sandee Phillips

Todd and Rita Radford

Billye Lynn Ratliff

John H. and Margaret C. Reagan

Margaret Reese

Wanda Reese

J.H. and Kay Rester

Barbara Roberts

Robin Bond Interiors

Kevin and Mary Ellen Roche

Cole and Ann Rowland

Rob and Tammie Rucker

Franklin Sapp

L.L. and L.D. Sartin

Philip Schoo and Nancy Fuchs

B.J. Schuler

Jennings Scott

Scott Tracy, Edward Jones

Serengeti Trading Company

James and Mary Shanahan

Ruth Shipley

James and Toni Smart

Norma Smith

Perry Smith

Robert and Kathleen Smith

Wilson and Patricia Smith

William and Kathlyn Snyder

James and Sheila Sommer

Southwest Cycle and Sport

Spa at the Lake

Sarah Spessard

Spicy Parrott Diner and Tavern

Star Physical Therapy

Ernie and Jill Steinle

Clifford Stewart

In Honor of Connie Stewart

Connie Stewart

Jennie C. Stewart

Brenda Strama

Strandz Salon

Thomas and Margaret Sullivan

Robert and Alicia Supkay

Michael and Sharon Temple


Brad Pierson and Mary Elizabeth Thomas

Larry and Janis Tonn

Tony and Guy

Bogdan and Myra Moldaw Tutuianu

Twin Liquor Marketplace

Elizabeth Walden

Dennis and Judy Wallace

William and Helen Warmuth

Jon and Nancy Wells

Donna Holliday Wesling

Susan Whitworth

Don and Barbara Wilson

In Honor of Nicholas and Eric Chan

Martha Worchel

World of Books Book Club

Herk and Christine Wotkyns

Yoga with Vedya

Legin Yon

Michelle Zogas

Debbie Zonana


1938 Lohmans Crossing, Austin, TX 78734
Phone: (512) 263-2885  |  Fax: (512) 535-3044