Bookmobile Visits at Preschools

The Lake Travis Community Library (LTCL) Bookmobile travels within the library district to share the love of learning at partnering preschools throughout the school year. The Bookmobile is a branch of the Lake Travis Community Library and adheres to the library’s borrowing policies. This page hopes to describe how the Bookmobile works at preschool stops.

About Bookmobile Visits at Preschools

The primary goals of the LTCL Bookmobile service for preschools are to:

    • Provide short, interactive story times with songs and activities.
    • Allow students to choose their own books to take home and read with their family or read in their classroom.
    • Introduce preschool students to a library environment.
    • Conveniently provide programs that encourage the use of the Bookmobile and library and the love of learning.

The Bookmobile stops periodically, generally every two to four weeks, at a predetermined day and time that works for the Bookmobile and preschool. Preschool students board the Bookmobile one class at a time and participate in a story time with songs and activities. Students then check out books to take home or read in the classroom as determined by the preschool.

If a classroom has decided to check out books to take home, the preschool has provided the library with a class roster. The Bookmobile staff keep track of which library account is associated with each student. When the student presents their book for check out, they need only tell us their name, and we will check out the book on their family library account. The student does not need to bring their library card, and most family accounts are set up to receive a checkout receipt email that lists what items were checked out. Books are due two weeks from check out or the next time the Bookmobile visits the preschool.

All library items can be returned to the Bookmobile at any stop or to the main library in Lakeway. There are book drops outside the library where items can be returned at any time. The preschool and/or each classroom may also provide a collection receptacle or area to collect returns between Bookmobile visits.

Helpful Tips

If your family does not already have a library account, you can:

The library card you use at the preschool is a family card and is good at the main library in Lakeway and on the Bookmobile. You may receive this letter with a new library card.

Books are due on the next visit to your preschool and can be returned to the preschool, any Bookmobile stop, or the main library in Lakeway, including the outside drop boxes. Books may remain on your account until checked in during the next Bookmobile visit.

You will receive reminder notifications from the library three days before books are due and on the day they are due. If you have already turned in your library book to the preschool, you may still receive the reminder notification from the library because the Bookmobile has not yet returned and checked in the book off your account.

If your child does not return a book, we will continue to let them check out until library due dates are reached. You may also receive this overdue book notification form that lists the overdue book titles. If multiple books are not returned, borrowing privileges may be suspended and your child may instead receive a free book from a limited supply of donated books.

Lake Travis Community Library materials can be identified by the barcode with the library’s name in the upper left corner of the book. The book also has a sticker or stamp with the library’s name and address on one of the first pages of the book.

If an item is lost or damaged, we encourage you to communicate to the preschool and/or Bookmobile. The library staff member will renew materials for as long as possible to allow the family time to look for the lost item.

If the item is definitely lost or damaged, there are three options:

    • The library account holder can pay the set cost of the item as indicated in the library catalog or
    • The library account holder can provide an identical replacement for the item or
    • The library account holder can donate canned food items as payment for the lost or damaged item (available only on the Bookmobile).

The preschool will help to remind families of Bookmobile days and will collect books to return at the next Bookmobile visit, but ultimately the book is the responsibility of each family. If you have concerns about your child checking out materials from the Bookmobile or you would prefer your child not check out, please contact the library or preschool to make arrangements. Library staff and volunteers try their best to ensure as much accuracy as possible. We apologize in advance for any mistakes.

The library and Bookmobile will adhere to this Book Selection Philosophy on the Bookmobile for Families.

Please contact the Bookmobile at [email protected] or (512) 809-5800 or contact the library if you have any questions. Thank you!

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